When it matters

Whether you’re banking online or growing your business we have the people, the products and the expertise to help you accomplish your goals and live your dreams. When it matters ~ Kirkwood Bank of Nevada.

You belong here.

It’s the feeling you get when you enter our bank; a natural, comfortable sense of belonging. We are not just a bank offering everything other banks do, but we are a “local bank” that provides these services with a welcoming and caring attitude. It is our personal approach that is a direct reflection of our values.

What makes us different?

Many banks offer similar services, however it is the way that our services are delivered and how we treat you and value you as an individual that sets us apart from the competition.


Kirkwood Bank of Nevada’s Management has many years of banking experience. Senior Management includes John Dru, President/CEO, Robin Panek, EVP/CFO, Zachary Larsen, EVP/CCO, Carla Jewell, VP/Loan Officer, Geraldine Cosico-Basin, VP Loan Officer and Susan Lopez, SVP/Business Relationship Officer.

Our Board of Directors is compiled of local individuals familiar with Las Vegas community and include Jerry Willer, Chairman, John Dru, Rich Robinson, Bruce Bayne, Bob Genzer and Mary Frances Barron.

The experience of both Management and the Board of Directors allows Kirkwood Bank of Nevada to build long-term relationships with our customers and to set a consistent direction for the bank.

Customer Relationships

We are a relationship driven organization with the ability and desire to get to know our customers. We are a “local bank” committed to the communities we serve. We believe this to be a major advantage over large national banking chains because our ability to be flexible allows us to create solutions for customers that do not fit the typical approach of the larger institutions. At Kirkwood Bank of Nevada, your calls do not go unanswered. We thrive on our level of service and take pride in the fact that we are empowered to put our customers’ needs first.