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Phone Scams

Phone crimes are on the increase with incidents ranging from spoofing the Caller IDs to callers impersonating the IRS, the courts systems and even relatives in need. 

Spoofing is when Caller IDs are manipulated so that recipients believe it’s a legitimate call, for instance from a bank, insurance company, the government or other entities one would assume could be trusted.   Caller impersonators often claim they are from the IRS saying there are taxes due and asking for credit card information to make the past due payment or a bench warrant will be issued.  Calls from the court systems are very similar in manner.  Then there are the calls that pull at the heart strings of the recipient, stating that the caller is a relative in need of funds for one reason or another asking that money be sent, usually through Western Union or something similar.

In any of these circumstances, a good rule to follow is to never give out personal information, such as social security number, maiden names, passwords, credit card numbers or anything with which one’s identity could be stolen.

Kirkwood Bank will never call our customers and ask for personal information to be divulged to the caller.  If there are questions as to the legitimacy of the call, please hang up and call the bank to verify someone from the bank is trying to make contact.  When our customers call the bank, we might ask for information given to us by the customer at account opening so that we might ensure the information is not given to someone impersonating that customer.


Debit Cards

Debit card fraud has increased dramatically in the Las Vegas valley.  The criminals are now utilizing blue tooth technology to capture PINs and card information.  Cards and PINs are being compromised at numerous locations, especially convenience stores/gas stations and restaurants.  Please be very conscious of where your card  is used.  Perhaps, you might want to consider using a credit card at locations such as these to further ensure the safety of your information.